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CADAVERIA - The Sky That Screams Above Us


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CADAVERIA continue the promotion of their latest album "Emptiness", with the release of their latest video "The Sky That Screams Above Us".

CADAVERIA - The Sky That Screams Above Us

The simplicity of the shots, taken in the studio during the recording of the song, and the particularity of the vertical format (suitable for smartphones) come together in this new video, as another example of the synthesis of contrasts of which the band is a master.
Eleventh track from “Emptiness, an album graphically based on black and white dualism and musically characterized by the continuous chase of clean and growl vocals, by thrash metal outbursts and doom metal cadences, by black metal and classic metal riffing. Released on May 27th via Time to Kill Records “Emptiness” is the sixth album by CADAVERIA.
Listen to it or buy it in black&white double vinyl, CD, cassette
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