Carmilla - Hear My Voice


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Carmilla - Hear My Voice
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 14-10-2022
Format: Digital
Genre: Deathmetal
Country: Sweden
"After a summer with several successful single releases, we are back in the studio and announce that a single are ready to continue the summer success.
Hear My Voice will release date 14th of October. It’s a highly intensive song with the music roots in the style of Meshuggah and Lamb of God but with a clear Carmilla DNA and a modern touch. For the first time Alena sings in Russian and the title will say a lot of what she feels about the land she decided to leave for a life in Sweden. The music is playful, rhythmic and fast. With its easy-listening vocal and high-speed complicated rhythm, we are super excited to hear our listener's reactions."

For fans of Lamb of God Arch Enemy
This single was recorded by Ronny Hemlin at the Claustrofobic Studio
Alena Yashkina - vocal
Felix Björklund - bass
Daniel Karlsson - guitar
Felix Forsberg - drums
Håkan Ålander - guitar