Chernobyl Jazz Club - Grìmulaust


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Chernobyl Jazz Club - Grìmulaust
Country: Iceland
Genre: Hard Rock
Distribution: Goodfellas (Italy) / PIAS (World)
Release date: November 25th, 2022
And another new album that Papy Jeff Metal likes very much... Can't wait for the 25th of November
Chernobyl Jazz Club was founded by Gummi (Guitar) in the winter of 2019 with Elli (Bass) among others that did not stick around for too long. After few lineups the band got its today lineup in the spring days of 2020 when Hreidar (Drums) and Siggi (guitar) joined the band. Still there was a singer missing, many tried but none was chosen.
By the fall of 2020 and after so many covid breaks, Elli remembered a great singer Amalía from a band called Black Desert Sun. After 1 phone call and 1 jam session there was no doubt that she was perfect for Chernobyl Jazz Club and the lineup was complete.
Grímulaust is CJC first album, recorded over 2 weekends in January and April 2021 by Einar Vilberg at studio Hljóðverk. Recording, mixing and mastering is by Einar Vilberg.

There are 8 songs on the album:
"Jazzklúbburinn" (The Jazz Club) was inspired by a trip Elli went on in 2018 to Chernobyl. "Langar" (Want) is a song about what most people wanna do after a long time covid quarantine, intimacy and touch. "Sumarið er allt of stutt" (The summer is too short) was an attempt to write uplifting lyrics to even out somewhat horrible stories on the other songs. "Instarass" (Instabutt) tackles the social media Instagram influencer nonsense and how you are never getting younger no matter how much you stretch your face. "Morð" (Murder) is a story about an old murdercase in Iceland. "Ruðvalgur" tackles depression and stress and how that feel can take over your life. "Svarta úti skrímslið" (Black out monster) is about a person that can´t handle the booze and ends in a black out.