Dark Beauty - "Between Sixes and Sevens"


Released in 2021:

Dark Beauty - "Between Sixes and Sevens"
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 31-10-2021
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Cinematic Progressive Rock
Country: United States
1. Demon
2. Break the Spell
3. Guardian Angel
4. Rabbit Hole
5. War of an Angel
6. Spirits of a Dead Earth
Liz Tapia – Lead Vocals
Bryan Zeigler - Guitars
Katie Pachnos – Keyboards and Electric Harp
Clive Smith - Bass
Dan Granda - Drums
Warren Helms – Keyboards on “Spirts of a Dead Earth”
"It was serene and peaceful in Heaven.
Until something went wrong.
She fell from the clouds, spiraling downward, unable to correct her course. She landed heavily, with the weight of all the world.
When she awoke, she was in a dark, enigmatic world. With one wing broken, the fallen Angel could not fly. Instead, she staggered to her feet and began to make her way through the thick forest with its nearly impassible undergrowth to the light in the distance.
This was not just any light – this was the light from the tower of Castle Markhum…"
In 2014, Liz Tapia began the story of the Dark Angel with the release Fall From Grace. Incorporating elements of progressive rock, classical music, contemporary hard rock, dance and opera to support dark, cinematic stories, Liz takes on the role of The Dark Angel while performing, and the character changes from meek to powerful as the story progresses.
And now comes the second part of the trilogy, "Between Sixes and Sevens" – six new songs continuing the journey of the Dark Angel as she struggles to regain her place in Heaven.
Liz’s background in acting, production and musical theater all combine to create a cinematic feel to her work. “It’s really all about the story. I want to pull the audience into The Dark Angel’s world.”
Between Sixes and Sevens, the second installment of Liz Tapia’s 3-part epic journey through the soundscape of an ethereal, dark kingdom is out now.
Basic tracks engineered by Matt Maroulakos at The Den Recording
Mixing Engineer and Mastering (Tracks 1 – 5) – Diego Tejeida
Mixing Engineer and Mastering (Track 6) – Arsenio “Artie” Rodriguez
Vocal Instructor – Alicia Briceland
Graphic Designer (front cover) – William Black