Diamond Chazer - Starriders


New Release:

DIAMOND CHAZER's "Starriders" album's available since October 18th from Fighter Records on CD, LP 12, cassette and digital formats.

DIA MOND CHAZER is a Heavy Metal band from the city of Medellín (Colombia) that was born in October 2017 at the initiative of the vocalist and keyboardist Stiven Giraldo, who, together with Ramiro Álvarez and Juan Fernando Figueroa on guitars, José Manuel Cárdenas on drums and Jhon Denis Rojas on bass, they manage to execute a traditional sound, loaded with melodies and faithful to the style of the '80s, which stands out within the local and national scene for the implementation of the keyboards and the atmosphere of nostalgia for classic Metal that they emanate.
Their lyrics deal with the Rocker's lifestyle, feelings of love and freedom, and some others based on horror movies and series, along with the marked influence of NWOBHM, French Heavy Metal, AOR and Speed Metal, have made the band has achieved recognition by the European, Asian and American public.
In mid-February 2018 they recorded the first single called “Stranger Things” at Dirty Sound Studios, which was produced by Hugo Uribe and Mario Uribe from Witchtrap. With this song the band is shown for the first time on social networks, generating expectations both in Colombia and abroad. By April of the same year, the band returned to the same studio to record their first EP "Chained in Tokyo", which has 4 songs and a bonus; The EP was released on a professional cassette limited to 100 copies under the Repulsion Records label (Bogotá). At the end of October, the CD reissue of the EP comes out, limited to 300 copies under the Metal Force Records label (Pereira).
“Chained in Tokyo” made an impact with its sound, image and concept, achieving more than 10,000 reproductions on the band's digital platforms such as YouTube and Bandcamp, as well as being distributed and sold in European, Asian and American continents; So much has been the impact of this production that the band, for 2019, agreed to the reissue of the EP in Vinyl format under a record label in China, which has not yet come to light due to the health crisis that the world is going through.
In 2019 the band entered Tritono Estudios to record a 2-song single, this time with a darker concept and sound. Despite a few mishaps, by the end of December of that year, the Repulsion Records label (Bogotá) once again placed its trust in the band and launched its new production, which is titled “Diamond Chazer/ Poltergeist”; This production came out in professional cassette format, limited to 50 copies, which were sold in a very short time, again having good acceptance from the local and international public.
With their song “Chained in Tokyo”, the band is invited to participate in a worldwide compilation made by the Brazilian label Metal Relics, which has more than 20 Heavy, Speed and Thrash Metal bands from countries like Mexico, Germany, Japan, Greece, Brazil, Sweden, Czech Republic, etc. This production comes out in April 2020 in professional CD format limited to 1000 copies under the name "Hail the World Metal".
By mid-2020, DIAMOND CHAZER intends to release a compilation of the EP “Chained in Tokyo” and the single “Diamond Chazer/ Poltergeist” to end one cycle and give continuity to another, which is the production of the first full length of the band, so they decide to record 3 unreleased songs to close with a flourish. The compilation is called “Chasing Diamonds” and was released in professional cassette format by the Ecuadorian label Nuclear Nightmare Records and in CD format by the Spanish label Fighter Records.

DIAMOND CHAZER worked on new songs for their debut full-length album and recorded it during 2021 and first half of 2022, resulting in “Starriders” an awesome work full of catchy riffs, memorable guitar solos, melodies drawn straight from space, dark and melancholic keyboard sounds, overwhelming bass tones, punchy drums and a high-low voice tone with the best influences… All to create one of the best NWOTHM albums ever. made.
Stiven Giraldo - Vocals, Keyboards
Ramiro Álvarez - Guitars
Juan Figueroa - Guitars
Jhon Denis Rojas - Bass
José Manuel Cárdenas - Drums

The tracklist for "Starriders" is as follows:
01. Intro: Stargate
02. Starrriders I: Lords of the Space
03. Lightning
04. Into the Vortex (instrumental)
05. Highway to Our Dreams
06. Cosmic Samurai
07. A.R.C.A.D.E. (instrumental).
08. The Pact
09. Alucarda
10. Insane & Unleashed
11. The Void
12. Starriders II: Nibiru Deadly Star