KINGSPHERE - "Enigmatic"


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Kingsphere - Enigmatic
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 07-10-2022
Format: Digital
Genre: Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal / Electronic
Country: Poland

KINGSPHERE - "Enigmatic"

Kingsphere's second album, "Enigmatic", brings everything that the first album does, but more, stronger and better. Enigmatic is an explosive mix of styles where every metal fan will find something for themselves.
For fans of All That Remains, Amaranthe, The Browning, Born Of Osiris, Scar Symmetry
The album was recorded at our home studio, mixed and mastered by Marek Kula.
1. Impending Doom
2. Demolition
3. Enigmatic
4. Clouds Collide
5. The Flight
6. Point Of Light
7. Dark Cold Sight
8. Defiance
9. Ready For Your War
10. Neverending Storm
11. Devices
12. Half Of Form
Marek Kula - Guitars
Piotr Miliczek - Vocals
Kamil Sikorski - Guitars / backing vocals
Maciej Sobieski - Drums

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