Pistacia - It Was The Cat (From EP "Edgy")


New Release:

Boston Metalcore PISTACIA Get "Edgy" With Debut EP + New Music Video “It Was The Cat”

Pistacia is a young metalcore act hailing from Boston, USA and they are now streaming their debut EP “Edgy”. They have been leading up to this release by releasing a handful of singles, the most recent being the homage to self-harm entitled “It Was The Cat”. They confront serious issues with heavy music and offer the listener empathy through breakdowns and anguished screams. The upcoming EP is about different symptoms/aspects of mental illness and will be relatable to a wide variety of fans. Their sound brings elements from 2007-2010 metalcore and they make music for people who miss that amazing era of music. That being said they make sure to incorporate plenty of modern breakdowns that make you want to mosh. The band comments on the introductory record:
“At our inception, having some sort of overarching principle seemed like an open question, a sun at which we dare not look too long—it seemed daunting. How do we make our disparate agents, these myriad tastes and backgrounds, and ideas and emotions thrive, and not simply collide? What was once a threat is a challenge we’ve willingly accepted; let’s redefine rock in our image—in one word if you will—edgy. We stitch together the jagged edges of unwanted puzzle pieces left discarded in the bin; our collage knows no two parts that its whole won’t embrace graciously...the red and black, the fusion, funk and slam, the upbeat harmonic ecstasy of a chorus and the atonal cataclysm that preceded it and often follows menacingly.”
Pistacia hopes that others find order in the chaos, healing in the vulnerability of morose, panicked, and earnest lyrics, and most of all meaning in the pathos. They got together due to a shared love of pushing boundaries, questioning norms, and disrespecting authority, and hopefully, it yields as potent a catharsis to listeners as it does to them.
Their goal is to have people who can relate to the lyrics feel seen. Each track on “Edgy” is about mental illness whether it be a symptom of a straight-up diagnosis. They make music for people who are scared and voiceless. Pistascia is recommended for anyone who enjoyed the heyday of the emo times, especially those with an interest in Bring Me the Horizon, Motionless in White, and Kittie.
Tour Dates:​
Oct 22 - Starlite - Southbridge, MA
Oct 25 - Diversity Consignment - Jamaica Plain, MA
Oct 26 - Millhill Basement - Trenton, MA
Nov 12 - Providence, RI - The Alchemy
Track Listing​
1. It Was the Cat - 4:00
2. N. Hale - 4:00
3. Fake a Smile - 4:00
EP Length: 12:00
EP Band Lineup:​
Vic Gregg – Vocals
Theo Chaouat – Guitar
Ben Sonsire-Cummings – Guitar
Ron Bernhaut – Bass

Live Band Line Up:​
Vic Gregg – Vocals
Theo Chaouat – Guitar
Ben Sonsire-Cummings – Guitar
Ron Bernhaut – Bass
Thomson Estabrook – Drums
In late 2019, Vic Gregg founded Gen-Z, an emo-throwback metalcore outfit. Members Ron Bernhaut, Theo Chaouat, Ben Sonsire-Cummings, and Thomson Estabrook complete the aesthetic onslaught that comprises Pistacia’s live show—in the scene’s dearth of energetic performance, the band found their niche, bringing blistering riffs to tight compact venues with pure animus and palpable vitriol. They have a nostalgia-borne affinity for all things emo and maintain a reckless proclivity for gothic imagery and provocative allure. With a marriage between heavy breakdowns, catchy choruses, and pathos-driven lyrics, Pistacia is that edgy, rebellious act you’ve been craving.
Shared stage with:
The HU, Mudfuck, Quarantined, Reapercussion, Survive the Sun, Proxies, Spite
It Was the Cat – 2022 - EP
Hematophagous – 2021 (single)
Loaded Gun – 2021 (single)
Melatonin – 2021 (single)