Blackment - Northern Lights (From Album "Plains of Oblivion" via Inverse Records)


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Blackment - Plains of Oblivion
Format: CD/Digital
Release Date: September 9th 2022
Record label: Inverse Records
Genre: Modern Melodic Metal
Country: Finland
Finnish melodic metal band Blackment releases their debut album September 9th 2022. The band was founded 2014 in Hyvinkää, Finland. Their unique sound is a combination of catchy melodies, cunning and heavy guitar riffs, atmospheric keyboards and tight rhythmics with distinctive vocals approach.
Debut album "Plains of Oblivion" was created with the top sound tech professionals. The idea was to keep the album sound natural in order to get unique and grooving dynamics. Before the album Blackment has released "In The Dark" EP and some single releases.
Blackment's debut album "Plains of Oblivion" is an epic journey through diverse and massive melodic metal soundscapes. The album introduces dark and heavy as well as more joyful and lighter atmospheres.
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01. Apparatus
02. Remnants Astray
03. Clouds
04. Composure
05. Northern Lights
06. Grasp Of Hel
07. Plains of Oblivion
08. Desolation Fields
09. Maw of the Dread
10. The Ruins
Blackment is:
Sami Vuorenheimo - Vocals
Saalas Ruokangas – Guitar & Backing vocals
Allan Välimaa - Guitar
Väinö Huhtanen – Bass & Backing vocals
Sebastian Nyandoto – Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Akseli Aalto – Drums

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