FLESHGORE - Carnival of Flesh


Upcoming Release:

FLESHGORE - Carnival of Flesh

Release Date: 20-12-2022

Format: Digital, CD

Genre: Brutal Death

Country: Ukraine


FLESHGORE is a Ukrainian Brutal Death Metal band formed in 2000. In 2003 they recorded their debut album “Killing Absorption” in Berliner Domino Studio and after that, the band toured over Europe. In 2004 “Killing Absorption” was released by Czech NTEY Records and the band drives on Grind'em All Tour. The summer festival period was planned with concerts on More Than Fest (sk), Obscene Extreme (cz), Svet Nerezovi Oceli (cz), Merciless East Festival (pl). In the autumn of 2004, the band went on All Over Absorbing European Tour 2004 together with Prejudice and Rottenness.
In February 2005 in polish Hertz Studio where the 2nd album “May God Strike Me Dead” was recorded for 6 days. In the support of this release, the 30-day expansion to the west was started - Mega Strike Europe in Chaos Tour 2005 over 10 European countries. Soon with the aim of worldwide spread the contracts with American This Dark Reign Records were signed. On May 9th, 2006 from the Atlantic west coast, the releases of the past years and later the brand new stuff were started. The first video “Passion” is made as well. At the end of that month, the band was representing the Eastern Europe region in the most brutal music fest Fuck the Commerce. On august FLESHGORE became the first band from ex-USSR to perform on legendary Wacken Open Air. A week later they are on the stage of the biggest Czech festival Brutal Assault.
In the end of 2006, the musicians were working on the creation of promo demo “Wake Up For Freedom”. In October 2007 band toured Australia and conquered a new continent together with The Berzerker, The Amenta, Blood Duster, Akercocke. 3rd album “Wake Up For Freedom” was released on 666 Records for the world and Moon Records for CIS.
2008-2011 years: FLESHGORE was reformed several times with a new line-up. During this long period band played live shows and festivals and also recorded material for the 4th album that was called “Defiance to Evil”. In September 2012 band started working with new frontman Ruslan and absolutely new songs for the next era of the band!
In April 2013 we would like to welcome Lev Kurgansky of Ezophagothomia. In 2013 band come back as a trio and decided to back to its roots. In 2014 band released the new EP “Domain of Death” which symbolically mark FLESHGORE’s return to its roots! In 2015 FLESHGORE recorded their 5th full-length album “Denial of the Scriptures” and signed a deal with Xtreem Music. The new CD was released on 19th Feb 2016!
In 2018 Ed from Datura band joined FLESHGORE on drums and soon the band released the EP “Godless”. In March/April 2018 band toured over 11 European countries together with US bands such as Internal Bleeding, Sacrificial Slaughter, Voices of Ruin, Micawber. And in 2019 band played tour in EU and Ukraine together with Hypnos (cz).
In 2020-2021 band played several gigs and fest and started working with new material together with additional Italian vocalist Michele. Also, in 2021 second original guitar player SAD returned to the band. Soon band recorded their brand new 6th album “Carnival of Flesh”. The CD release is planned for December of 2022 again Xtreem Music.
Igor - guitars
Sad - guitars
Michele - vocals
Ruslan - vocals & bass
Ed - drums

01. Distorted Lights
02. Carnival of Flesh
03. Inhuman Existence
04. Buried Truth
05. Modern Arts of Slavery
06. Hive of Insanity
07. Invisible Reality
08. Frail Utopia
09. War is an Amusement
10. Ad Astra