Kaine New EP: Extinction After


Upcoming Release:

The Band Kaine Announce New EP: Extinction After


The band is set to release a new EP with 5 tracks that are not on the new album "After Extinction".

You can grab your copy of the EP on CD here: https://www.patreon.com/kaine_metal

The CD will be a Patreon exclusive, for those who pay £3 or more on the EP. The reason for the exclusivity is to reward current Patreon members with a T-shirt, patch and CD each year, but with CD sales declining, Patreon will become more and more essential to allow the band to continue to fund it all.
The band hopes that offering exclusive CDs through this platform will encourage more people to join, especially at such a low price. This CD will not be available anywhere else and issues will be printed to order.
The track listings for the new EP is as follows:
Evil I (All Hail The Evil One)
Evil II (Evil Too)
The Birmingham Blues
On Repeat
Patreon’s paying £3 more will also be rewarded with a further new EP this year on CD and a multi-disc set celebrating ten years of the band’s debut album alongside the shirt + patch. More details to follow. 
Patreon’s paying £1 will also receive a brand-new shirt and patch soon.