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Kryptonomicon - Infernalia

After their last album "Nekromantikos" released in 2021, the band Kryptonomicon announces the release of their new album "Infernalia" on November 25th.
An album composed of 11 tracks all as powerful as each other, including a cover of "Let's Dance" by David Bowie.
In short, get your cervicals ready, it will shake.
Kryptonomicon is an Italian death/black metal band born in 2019. In the same year they start the recordings of the first Ep entitled; ”To The Abyss”; which contains 3 songs and the cover of Venom; “Witching Hour”. In October of the same year they debutted live as a support band to Necrodeath in one of the dates of their Italian tour, receiving a great reception from the audience. On this occasion the band hosts drummer Peso of Necrodeath for a jam together in the Venom; “classic”; “Countess Bathory”. In December of the same year the recordings of the second Ep “Morbid Return”; began, at the Angel Of Death Studio again and it wanted to be a tribute to some fundamental bands of the genre (Sodom, Destruction and Possessed), which are much appreciated and shared, personally by Schmier and Becerra. In January 2020 they signed with Punishment 18 for the printing and distribution of their material in Italy and worldwide. In 2021 the debut “Nekromantikos” was released.
Kryptonomicon line up
Luca: vocals
Stefano: guitars
Frank: bass
Randy: drums

The front cover of the new italian black/thrash metallers Kryptonomicon album, “Infernalia” was realized by the artist Paolo Girardi, well known for his great works with band such as Hatriot, Bell Witch, Inquisition, Manilla Road, Yatra, Coram Lethe, Hooded Menace.