POA - Plugs of Apocalypse - all the things we didn't say (feat. Sara Mun)


It's Released in 2021:

PLUGS OF APOCALYPSE (POA) - "Sad Songs For Sad Dreamers" EP (2021)

POA - Plugs of Apocalypse - all the things we didn't say (feat. Sara Mun)

Album: "Sad Songs For Sad Dreamers" EP
Online Release: 18/06/2021
Label: Volcano Records
Genre: Goth rock
"Sad Songs For Sad Dreamers" is written and produced by Riccardo Studer (Time Collapse Recording Studio) and Plugs of Apocalypse. This EP increases the rock/darkwave influences of POA previous works creating a perfect balance between a softer and a heavier sound. A concept EP whose tracks involve nostalgic atmospheres and dark melodies - with the right amount of distorted guitars. A trip through dreamy emotions and melancholic melodies. Four sad and nostalgic tracks that reach every type of audience, from melodic metal fans to dream rock lovers. ARTWORK BY PISKV (Francesco Persichella).
"Sad Songs For Sad Dreamers" tracklist:
All the things we didn't say
A little fragile moment
The last night we spent together
Dream on
VOCALS/SYNTH - Giorgio Della Posta
GUITAR - Alessandro Sajeva
GUITAR - Alessandro Cirlinci
BASS - Iacopo Fichera
DRUMS - Davide Itri

POA - Plugs of Apocalypse is an Alternative Metal band formed in Rome (IT) in 2008. The band is composed of four members that started their career with two Deathcore releases: "Necropolis" (2011) and "Ashes" (2012). Thanks to these full-length albums, POA started playing on the best stages across Italy, along with well-known bands such as Protest The Hero, iwrestledabearonce, Texas in July, Vitja, Ade, etc.
After the last EP release, the group decided to make some important changes, starting from the deathcore influences' reduction in favor of more melodic ones , which can be found in their video “Tears” (promoted by Rocksound and Blubbermouth in March 2016), which can be considered as a manifesto of the new path started by POA.
In April 2017 the band increased its fanbase in Italy and all over the Europe thanks to the publication of the new album "Deeper Than Hell", the final result of this artistic change. After their first European Tour, POA released the single "Disappear" in May 2018 on every digital store reaching more than 600K streams/views.
1 year later they announced and released their album "Stay" reaching more than 1MLN of stream/views.
This established the end of their "self-production" path.
In 2020/2021 POA wrote and recorded their latest EP "Sad Songs for Sad Dreamers", wasout on June 18th via Volcano Records.