Scarlet - Circle of Bones


Upcoming Release:

Scarlet - Circle of Bones
Format: LP/CS/CD/Digital
Release Date: November 11th 2022
Record label: Inverse Records
Genre: Grunge
Country: Finland

Scarlet - Circle of Bones

Scarlet is a Grunge band from Eastern Finland founded in 1999. The band returned from over 10 year hiatus in 2015. First few years band just keep on playing since long brake had rusted their skills. Soon the groove was found and the band noticed that they were making an album. Songs just keep coming. Long hiatus had made their sound even stronger.
The debut album “Circle of Bones” pops will out in 11/11/2022. It’s a package full of rough energy for the Grunge era music fans. Authentic music with strong vocals and real feelings.
The album was recorded, mixed & mastered in ten days @ Astia Studio by Anssi Kippo (Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, Impaled Nazarene etc) as analog recording. Everything you hear is real man made sounds. No computers were harmed in the making.
Album comes out in three different vinyl colors and it’s a full analog recording. Also full analog chrome tape is available + cd and streaming. All this via Inverse Records.
1. Big Fat Downplay
3. Melt
4. Rusted Sound
5. 6ft
6. Circle of Bones
7. Will
8. Frame
9. My Cradle
10. Inside

The whole album song by song explained by Scarlet’s singer Ville Tuomi & his brother Vesa Tuomi, lead guitarist of the band.
01. Big Fat Downplay
“Last song that was composed for the album ended up to be the opening song. When one is bullied and pressed down enough something usually happens. After turning point there’s two options, which path do you choose?”
02. RGRT
“In this song you can find a grunge beard from Seattle mixed with tiger of Bradford. This chameleon of a song got new chorus in every rehearsal. It shedded it's skin from being heavy as hell to a Motown influenced song about women’s liberation front. Writing process was an unique experience for the band.”
03. Melt
“Inner power song. This song was born after really difficult period in personal life. But in the end there was light, snow melted and holy shit, there was batman!”
04. Rusted Sound
“Deep in the south man sits by the porch in a rocking chair with a banjo in his lap. Wind is blowing and Bud light bottle is falling down. Dogs are barking, necks are turning red. Employee of a steel mill is cursing about the karma of his life while gasping his last breath. One of the first songs that was made for the album.”
05. 6ft
“This song was a result of quite a few jam sessions. We hope you like jammin’ too! Ode to joy. Can you hear it? Neither can we. When dark waters change to black. Black mindset, language of the soul. It sings so out of tune. This you won’t fix with pain killers…”
06. Circle of Bones
“Raw power, energy pulse. First demo we did and it was so nice we decided to do more, so now you got an album to listen to. Music video is there too, go check it!”
07. Will
“Absolutely the hardest song to make. Arranging this song continued even in the studio sessions. It’s about addiction. Snake behind the eyes makes you believe in her lies if there isn’t a cure found in time…”
08. Frame
“Our most artistic one. The start is quite massive and flamboyant. Life of an artist isn’t always peachy. This might surprise many of you (NOT). This one was one of the easiest to make even it’s kinda strange bird in our set list.”
09. My Cradle
“Lullaby from hell. It tells a story of suicide attempt of a close person. Not that humorous subject. When we were mixing this with our producer Anssi Kippo the mighty fine Otari tape recorder that is used in Astia studio collapsed. That’s how heavy the song is. Our studio session ended there and we finished the mixes later after repairs. Can you hear the bells in the end?”
10. Inside
“Our oldest song. This one lead the way for the whole album to come. Ghost inside ice. This song wrote itself. Simple balladlike ending of the album. Girls dig it.”