Sid leaves the NODE group


What's New: Sad News for the Band Node

After 10 years together, we are forced to part ways with our vocalist Sid due to health problems that unfortunately will no longer allow him to continue his activities with the band.

Following is a statement from Gary D'Eramo:
"It is with deep sadness that we are forced to part ways after 10 fabulous years with our Sid, following serious health problems that will force him to abandon his activity in Node.Hoping for an improvement, we wanted to wait for him for several months, postponing our entry into the studio for the new album that was to take place in December.
Unfortunately, to avoid this health issue to get worse, Sid will have to stop singing for an indefinite period.
We took this decision very, very reluctantly because Sid has put all himself into this project and knowing his great passion he did not deserve such an exit... but first of all comes his health, because we all love him a lot and wish him the best in life as well as a speedy recovery.
By mutual agreement we have decided to start working on the vocals of the new album all over again with another person, whose identity we will reveal later."
Pietro Battanta, the band's drummer, adds:
"Those who know Sid know how much of a fighter he is and how he has already faced several difficulties that never stopped him, even when it meant going on stage to headbang with us with the help of a crutch.
Unfortunately, this time the problem does not allow him to "pull the strings" as he has done in the past, and although he has already worked on many of the songs of our next album, he has encouraged us in the difficult decision to continue with a new singer.
I would like to thank him not only for this, but for the quiet and constant patience with which he has dealt with a variety of problems over the past 10 years... but we also had a lot of fun together and we'll continue to do so, because he will always be part of the Node family."
These are the words of 𝐒𝐢𝐝:
"I can only reluctantly say, that I thank Node for these 10 wonderful years of live shows, but most of all I would like to thank them for their friendship and for the people they are...I have grown so much and learned so much together with them, I love you Node, thank you!
... Keep up the good work and destroy everything!!!"