GunsBlaze - Immortality

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GunsBlaze - Immortality

Label: Self-Released

Release Date (d/m/y): 15-10-2022

Format: Digital

Genre: Heavy Metal

Country: Belgium

For fans of Metallica, Moonspell, Machine Head, Mastodon...

Starting the writing of this album lyrically our intention was to have uplifting anthems like in "Gather Our Forces" which is specifically for the fans cause without them we wouldn't be here either. On the song "Immortality" it is about when you see people in distress or are emotionally in a dark place to lift them up and bring them back to their happy place. "Life Ain't Blasphemy" is about being who you want to be and do the things you want most in life.
Musically we wanted to broaden our horizon this by mixing surprisingly different genres in one song still definitely being Gunsblaze.
Recordings and mixing were done in the Penthouse Studios Heist op den Berg Belgium by Filip De Bot.
Mastering was done at Fascination Street Studios Sweden by Tony Lindgren
Yunry Nys - Vocals
Symny - Rhythm Guitar
Wouter Thys - Lead Guitar
Sam Trooskens - Bass
Jef Van De Poel - Drums

Fire At Will
The Downfall
All Kings Dethroned
Gather Our Forces
Life Ain't Blasphemy
Let The Engines Roar