MadHouse - Voodoo Doll


What's New:

Remember, in 2019 I presented to you the group MadHouse with their album "Hotel." The group returns in 2023 with their new album "Secret Antithesis". A heavier, more powerful album but one that maintains the spirit of Madhouse.

MadHouse is an Italian female-fronted hard rock/alternative metal band formed in 2012, led by singer Federica Tringali and guitarist Filippo Anfossi.
The band's name, MadHouse, highlights the parallelism between art and madness. Federica writes lyrics based on strong and direct life experiences.
Four of these songs were chosen for their 2015 EP "You Want More", produced by Italian producer Marco Barusso, which received recognition from critics and airplay in various countries. MadHouse then released their first full-length album "MadHouse Hotel" in 2019 under DysFUNCTION Record Label and Productions, which was a 10-track concept album about different experiences in life.
This album received worldwide airplay and awards, and the band promoted it with a live tour. In January 2023, the band releases their third album "Secret Antithesis", produced by Eddy Cavazza for Silent Ghost Production and Nadir Music label. The album draws inspiration from the works of M.C. Escher and illustrates how several facets of a person's psyche can coexist. The album is anticipated by the release of the single and video clip of the track Voodoo Doll.
Federica Tringali - Vocals
Filippo Anfossi - Guitar
Carlos Cantatore - Drums