Shadow Smile - SIGNED IN BLOOD


What's New:

Shadow Smile is a British Alternative Metal Band from Sheffield that have returned with their new single "Signed In Blood" which is the title track from their crowdfunded debut album expected to be released in coming months. The single was produced by Daniel Jeffery and mixed by James Pinder at Treehouse Studios in UK and it provides a taste of what to expect from the band.

The band has eight successful self-released singles. The band's influences range from contemporary acts like Bring Me The Horizon and While She Sleeps to the stadium filling sounds of Metallica, Def Leppard and Queen. The album concept is about the Seven Deadly Sins and the song 'Signed In Blood' is written from the perspective of Mephistopheles and its about how people are guilt-tripped into following societal trends and often turn their back on their own core values for prizes that simply aren't there.

Shadow Smile - "SIGNED IN BLOOD"

Lead vocalist Connor McGovern comments - 'We wanted this song to be a modern take on songs like 'Sympathy For The Devil' by the Rolling Stones where the listener is being told why they should forget their morals and join the dark side. Those songs have always been a lot of fun and fit perfectly with the dark Shadow Smile imagery'.
Independently released on 13th Jan 2023, Signed In Blood is available on major streaming platforms.
UK Live Shows:
3rd Feb - Old Bus Depot - Nottingham
5th Feb - Hope & Anchor - Islington, London
12th Feb - Hammerfest - Birmingham
27th May - Call Of The Wild Festival - Lincoln
15th July - Nighttrain - Bradford