Denigrate - Perfida

To Discover: It Was Released in 2021

DENIGRATE is a Finnish band formed in 1996 in Tuusula, Finland. They are known for their musical style that involves melancholy and the dark corners of the human mind with a glimpse of hope.
Their first demo was released in 1998 and their second demo in 2000 which led to a record deal with Warner Music Finland.
They released their debut album "Dismal Euphoria" in 2003 and two singles from it: "Guardian of the Bitter Sea" and "Everything Counts."
The band recorded and produced their second album "Hollowpoint" which was finished in 2015 and is considered darker, more aggressive and complex.
In 2021, DENIGRATE was released their third album with a new vocalist, Galzi from Dead Shape Figure, who brought new energy and perspective to the band.
01. Sonata Del Diavlo
02. The Fear And The Fever
03. Rara Avis
04. Aureole
05. Perfida
06. The Dead Saluting