Depth Vibration - Whisper


What's New:

Depth Vibration was born in 2020 from an idea of Giovanni Pedoto, the guitarist. The band was formed with the inspiration of the inner journey that each person experiences throughout their lives. Giovanni was joined by his friend, drummer Filippo Stasi, and later by bassist Marco Masinara and lead vocalist Leonardo Magi.
The first self-titled concept EP was recorded at the Fucina Studio under the guidance of producer Jack Giacomo Salani and will consist of 5 previously unreleased tracks that tell the story of the artist's own journey and inner growth. The EP's musical influences can be traced back to modern Progressive Rock metal, drawing inspiration from bands like Tool, Dream Theater, Metallica, Purcupine tree, Muse and others.
Depth Vibration line up:
Giovanni Pedoto: guitars
Filippo Stasi: drums
Leonardo Magi: vocalist
Marco Masinara: bass