Gary Liverakos - Illusion


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Get ready for an infusion of blues rock with Greek-American singer, songwriter, and composer GARY Liverakos. Gary began his musical journey at the age of sixteen, forming his band and performing at local bars and clubs. In his twenties, he relocated to the United States and played in various bands while touring extensively across the country. With years of practice under his belt, Gary is now ready to share his talent with the world.
His debut album, "Gary," provides an intimate look into his life and will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled to find their place in the world. The lyrics are insightful and relatable, and Gary's powerful vocals will leave listeners spellbound. This album features ten diverse songs that mix genres from blues to pop to rock, ensuring it will appeal to a wide range of music fans.
Gary Liverakos - Illusion
Don't miss the opportunity to experience the soulful sounds of this rising star.
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