Disminded - The Vision


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Founded in February 2009, Disminded quickly established its musical style by blending dramatic Melodies, Powerful Grooves, and fast Thrash elements with raw, unapologetic lyrics addressing topics such as despair, fear, addiction, betrayal, and violence. The result is a potent mixture of Death Metal and Old-School influences.
After the success of their previous two albums, "Out of the Ashes" and "Beheading the Snake," the band headed to Tim Schlichting at Flashback Recording Studios in the summer of 2022 to record their third album, "The Vision". The album was later mixed and mastered by industry veteran Harris Johns.
The result is a no-nonsense tribute to the Melodic Old School Death Metal of the 1990s. Ten fervent and devoted songs featuring dragging, nearly rolling melodies, fast blast beats, pleading and cursing growls and screams- all in a contemporary style, without pandering to "modern" genre expressions. "The Vision" is a musical statement performed uncompromisingly that will leave genre fans clicking their tongues.
Disminded - The Vision
Label: Black Sunset
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 03-03-2023
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Death Metal
For fans of Unleashed, Sinister, Benediction...
Kevin - Vocals
Bürste - Bass
Auer - Git
Kalle - Drums
01. A Melting Of Worlds
02. Nightmare
03. Unleash Hate
04. Judgement Day
05. Coro-Nation
06. Final Prayer
07. World War 3
08. Dead Water
09. The Cult
10. New God Rising