Black 7 - For This Moment


What's New:

BLACK7, a German instrumental heavy music project, has released their second single and video, "For This Moment," from their forthcoming album with SODEH Records. The single is dynamic and orchestral in nature.
Lars Totzke, a guitarist and songwriter from Hanover, is behind the solo project Black 7. His first album "Look Inside" was released in 2021, and the follow-up "2nd Chapter" is set to be released in 2023. The second album has a slightly darker tone, with a mix of various moods and styles, including heavy parts and quiet moments that take the listener on a journey. Lars draws influence from a variety of bands and artists, such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, and Paco de Lucia, resulting in a unique sound. He recorded all the instruments himself, and there is clear growth in style, composition, and structure from his first album. The music is entirely instrumental.