Iron Savior - Solar Wings


What's New:

On their latest release "Reforged - Ironbound," German band Iron Savior showcases their classic heavy metal/power metal sound. The double CD has 24 songs, while the vinyl release has 18 titles, and the quartet delivers technically impressive guitar work and catchy lead vocals supported by background vocals. The album is a powerful mix of metal with tight rhythms and melodic elements. The production is excellent, and the album is full of quality music with standout tracks like "Protect The Law" and "Forces Of Rage." Fans of Helloween, Metal Church, and Savatage will particularly enjoy the album, which is a great value for the money with almost 120 minutes of attractive metal. Overall, "Reforged - Ironbound" is a high-quality release that showcases Iron Savior's musical talent and is well worth checking out.