The Black Goo


To Discover: The Black Goo

In 2018, Anatoli ‘’Aloha’’ Monov (vocals/bass) summoned THE BLACK GOO into being in Bremen, Germany. Finding skilled musicians to form a band and perform original songs is no easy feat, so Anatoli reached out to his longtime friend Kriss Danger. Before THE BLACK GOO, Anatoli and Kriss Danger were part of a Bulgarian band that fled their home country and ultimately dissolved after two years of work once they arrived in Germany. Despite going their separate ways, they remained in touch and periodically collaborated in other bands over the years.
After a long search, the perfect drummer was found in Kai Paulmann in 2020. Excited by the prospect of establishing THE BLACK GOO, these three metalheads immediately began working on their first album. When Kriss Danger (touring guitarist for David Hasselhoff, United4, United4 & Friends, Strykken, Unrest, Seelenwinter, etc.), Kai Paulmann (known for his precise drumming in Nikki Puppet, Zinker, MarsEcho, Riefenstahl, D.N.A, and more), and Anatoli ‘’Aloha’’ Monov (screamer and low end specialist in Pumpgun, Slayensemble, MöretheHead, Rumble Militia, Strykken, and other bands) come together, what do you get?
THE BLACK GOO is born!

The Black Goo - Devil's Disease

In February 2022, the debut album "The Black Goo - I" was unleashed under the Hamburg internet label Artistfy, featuring a devilish and aggressive sound primarily rooted in thrash metal, yet offering a plethora of other backdrops for the listener to explore.