The Unslain - Into The Unknown

What's New:

The Dutch metal band THE UNSLAIN has returned with their latest single, "Into The Unknown," which showcases their ability to blend classic 80's Heavy Metal with modern Metal, creating a new sound they call Modern Old-School Metal.
The song tells a post-apocalyptic tale about interstellar travel, drawing inspiration from the idea of fleeing into space due to an apocalypse. The lyrics explore the implications of such a scenario from a first-person perspective and aim to convey a sense of courage.
The band wrote the song shortly after their LP debut, "We Will Battle," with Bart Foppes contributing the initial composition, and Jeroen Hermsen adding riffs and melodies. The band recorded the song at the Hillroad Records studio in the Netherlands with producer Daan Nieboer in August 2020.
Music by Bart Foppes, Jeroen Hermsen
Lyrics by Indy Wessels, Luc Builtjes
Produced, mixed and mastered by Daan Nieboer from Cornerstone audio
Recorded at Hillroad Records studio (Luttenberg, NL)
Artwork by Daan Nieboer
Released by Rexius Records
The Dutch metal group The Unslain combines traditional heavy metal with modern metal and metalcore, taking inspiration from a variety of bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, and Lamb of God. Their diverse influences give their music a fresh perspective on the past.
The band's lyrics focus on darker aspects of society, with topics such as depression, drug abuse, war, and the human mind explored in great detail. Their first album, "We Will Battle," showcased their classic sound, but the band subsequently decided to create a new style of "Modern Old School Metal."
Following the release of "We Will Battle," The Unslain won the audience prize in the Dutch Wacken metal battle contest in 2019, and they have since released several singles. In 2022, they signed with Rexius Records to continue their creative journey.