Upcoming Release: “Firecry” will out March 24th, 2023 via Moribund Records.


Upcoming Release: “Firecry” will out March 24th, 2023 via Moribund Records.

Canadian heavy metal band Category VI will release their new album "Firecry" through Moribund Records at the end of March. As a lead up to the album and in celebration of International Women's Day, the band has released their latest single "Valkyries", which is about sexism and misogyny, and personal experiences with it. Vocalist Amanda Marie Jackman describes the song as a call for sisterhood and for standing up against the "assholes in the world." "Firecry" marks the band's third and most accomplished release to date, offering classic 80s heavy metal sound with modern production. The album features themes of personal pride, witchcraft persecution, and women's strength, all powerfully delivered by the soaring vocals of Jackman. The album closes with a true metal, yet radio-friendly cover of the Heart classic "Barracuda". The album is set for release on March 24, 2023.


Track Listing:​
1. Firecry - 6:10
2. Valkyrie - 6:05
3. The Vultures Never Came - 4:10
4. She Runs With Wolves - 4:12
5. Heavy is the Crown - 3:47
6. Coven - 4:52
7. The Cradle Will Fall - 4:53
8. Burning Bridges - 3:49
9. Barracuda (Heart) - 4:21
Album Length: 42:18

"a promising band worth watching." - Rock Hard (DE)
“the band, with their sound rooted firmly in the early 80s, play with real charisma.” - The Independent Voice
“a really nice slab of metal that should please fans of the old and new heavy and power metal genres.” - Metal Crypt -
“If you dig acts like Seven Kingdoms, Mindmaze, or Helion Prime, then I'd call this a no brainer although Category VI do separate themselves from their contemporaries with a more pugilistic edge, and a lethal injection of classic metal attitude which would call to mind Judas Priest or Mercyful Fate. Overall a solid record. You could do far worse than check this out. “ - The MetalCrypt
“So if you like your metal aggressive yet smooth, soulful while never failing to thrash, and resonating without sacrificing in that certain visceral punch, War is Hell is a must – an album that will appeal to the diehard fans of a forgotten generation of thrashers and headbangers, while bringing sufficient juice and sizzle to lure wayward fringe fans of the millennium and beyond. “ - Metalheads Forever
“This album, their second full length, is a power metal tour de force. Although I don’t think they sound like either band per say, they do give off a classic metal vibe like JUDAS PRIEST or MERCYFUL FATE. “ - Metal Temple
​“Musically, Category VI are a storming True Metal band with no pretentions and no excuses made....Unlike the trend-driven sub-genres, the sound of Category VI is timeless and WAR IS HELL has already shown that they are ready to take it to the international stage.“ - Metal-Rules