Volucrine - ETNA


Upcoming Release:

Volucrine is a Finnish band that produces alternative metal music, infused with a raw attitude that perfectly captures the essence of the human mind. They aim to connect with their listeners by delving into real-life themes that are relatable to anyone. The band's lyrics are not just about mythical creatures and epic battles, but instead, they tackle everyday issues that we face. Volucrine manages to combine Finnish melancholy and melody with the latest in technical and modern metal, creating a unique and profound musical experience. The band's new album, "ETNA," is currently in the works, and two singles have already been released, along with a cover of Blur's hit "Song 2." The title track of the album, "ETNA," features a more classic mid-tempo and riff-oriented style, highlighting the band's return to a heavier sound. Meanwhile, "Combatant," a corona-era power song, boldly delves into the realm of modern alternative and contemporary metal. The band has incorporated 7-string guitars to make their heaviest album to date, and it is set to be released later this year.
Jupe Velin – Vocals
Joni Kyynäräinen – Bass
Antti Heikkilä – Guitars
Jani Aalto – Drums