Wardress - Berserk


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Wardress, a band devoted to 80s NWOBHM, was established in Nürtingen in 1983, yet they were unable to release an album during their early years which hindered their establishment. It wasn't until 2018 that guitarist Gor and vocalist Erich decided to resurrect some of the band's original song material from their early days, leading to a quasi-reformation. Their debut album "Dress For War" was finally released in 2019, containing both old and current material.
During the pandemic, the band utilized the opportunity to work on their second album, "Metal Til The End". With this album, Wardress remained loyal to their roots and made the album title their mission statement. The album includes heavy riffs with unexpected breaks and anthemic melodies, interspersed with explosive solos, complemented by bitingly sarcastic lyrics. The production and mix, which were done by Rolf Munkes at the Empire Studio in Bensheim, create a dynamic, live-like atmosphere.
"Metal 'Til the End" exudes vitality, sweat, and passion. It embodies heavy metal in its purest form, original yet timeless.
Artist: Wardress
Release title: Metal Till The End
Label: Black Sunset
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 17-03-2023
Format: Digital, CD, LP
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
01. Berserk
02. Metal Til The End
03. Motorlust
04. Mr. Crowley
05. Wardress
06. Serpents Kiss
07. Serves You Right
08. Metal Melodies
Erich Eysn - vocals
Gor Moore - guitar, back vocals
Kimon Roggenbruck - guitar
Mirco Daugsch - bass
Andy Setter - drums