Transcending Obscurity Fest, Prague, Czech Republic


Get ready for a two-day international metal fest featuring sixteen death and black metal bands from twelve different European countries, happening on May 5th and 6th, 2023 at Futurum club in Prague. This event, dubbed as the TRANSCENDING SHADOWS Fest by the underground Indian label Transcending Obscurity Records, is a rare and exciting opportunity to witness an exclusive lineup of bands from various countries. The festival will showcase performances from renowned bands like CUTTERRED FLESH and GODLESS TRUTH from Czech Republic, CRAWL from Sweden, CRYPTS OF DESPAIR and SISYPHEAN from Lithuania, DE PROFUNDIS from England, and more. The festival promises to be a unique and unforgettable experience for metal fans, especially with all the bands being represented by the agile label, Transcending Obscurity Records.
71TONMAN (Poland) - Sludge/Doom Metal
CRAWL (Sweden) - Death Metal
Crypts Of Despair (Lithuania) - Death Metal
Cutterred Flesh (Czech Republic) - Brutal Death Metal
De Profundis (UK) - Death Metal
Devenial Verdict (Finland) - Atmospheric/Dissonant Death Metal
Diskord (Norway) - Death Metal
Dysgnostic (Denmark) - Dissonant Death Metal
Godless Truth Official (Czech Republic) - Technical Death Metal
Monument Of Misanthropy (Austria/UK) - Death Metal
Orphalis (Germany) - Brutal/Technical Death Metal
Sisyphean (Lithuania) - Dissonant Black Metal
The Scalar Process (France) - Technical Death Metal
Viande (France) - Dark Death Metal
Vomitheist (Switzerland) - Death Metal
Vorga (Germany) - Black Metal