BREAK ME DOWN - Break In feat. Vitali Mats [Halestorm Cover]


Remember, It was Released in 2022:

Break Me Down: Unleashing the Power of Metal with a Unique Cover
In the ever-evolving realm of metal, there are those who dare to break boundaries and breathe new life into iconic songs. Enter Break Me Down, a band that, in 2022, decided to take on the challenge of reimagining the stunning track "Break In" originally performed by Halestorm, featuring the incomparable Amy Lee. With the addition of powerhouse vocalist Vitali Mats, known for his work in death metal and deathcore bands like Misantrophia and Alkemy, alongside the talented Veronica Driven, Break Me Down delivers a cover that is both fierce and mesmerizing.
Halestorm - Break In (feat. Amy Lee) [Official Video]
The cover version, aptly titled "Break In feat. Vitali Mats [Halestorm Cover]," showcases the band's ability to infuse their own unique style and energy into the song. Vitali Mats's powerful growls and intense vocal delivery add a new dimension to the track, creating an atmosphere of raw aggression and undeniable passion. The result is a headbanging masterpiece that pays homage to the original while leaving its own indelible mark on the metal landscape.
BREAK ME DOWN - Break In feat. Vitali Mats [Halestorm Cover]
For those unfamiliar with the original rendition, "Break In" by Halestorm feat. Amy Lee is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that combines the soaring vocals of two iconic female rock/metal vocalists. The track resonated deeply with fans worldwide, and now Break Me Down takes on the challenge of putting their own spin on this beloved song.
Vitali Mats's involvement in the Modern Music Institute's (MMI) extreme vocal coaching team adds another layer of credibility to his powerful and versatile vocal abilities. His experience and expertise in the realm of extreme vocals bring a new level of intensity to Break Me Down's rendition of "Break In."
To stay up-to-date with all things Break Me Down, fans can visit the band's profile on Koji, where they can find more information and updates on the group's latest projects. The band's dedication to their craft and their relentless pursuit of musical excellence shines through in every performance.
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Break Me Down's cover of "Break In feat. Vitali Mats [Halestorm Cover]" is a testament to the band's creativity and talent. With their unique vision and unwavering passion for metal, they continue to push boundaries and make their mark in the industry. Stay tuned for more electrifying releases and unforgettable performances from Break Me Down as they carve their path through the metal realm.