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Japan’s HEXVOID Unleashes New Music Video "You got the garbage, Losers get out", and Announces Roaring Tour Across Canada and Mexico

Brace yourselves, metal aficionados, for the seismic resurgence of Tokyo's sensational groovy metal/rock ensemble - Hexvoid! A revitalized lineup and a new sonic assault, encapsulated in their latest single, are poised to ignite the stages of Mexico and Canada this September. Prepare for a maelstrom of electrifying energy, heart-thumping rhythms, and a spectacle that makes the pandemic seem like a distant nightmare.
In a world that's been starved of thunderous live performances, Hexvoid emerges as the beacon of hope, ready to shatter all inhibitions. Hailing from the vibrant heart of Tokyo, this collective of metal mavericks is on a relentless mission to shower the world with their sonic wizardry. The explosive single, "You got the garbage, Losers get out", isn't just a song; it's a cataclysmic experience channeled through a riotous music video.
Imagine a kaleidoscopic explosion synchronized with unrelenting vocal prowess and frenetic riffs that could outrun a caffeine-infused cheetah. The auditory onslaught is accompanied by visuals that are as vibrant as a supernova, encapsulating the bedlam that's signature to Hexvoid. They've ingeniously fused the vigor of punk rock, the swagger of funk, and the raw intensity of metal into a wild, hypnotic package. This isn't just music; it's a sonic odyssey that will leave you breathless.
Hexvoid isn't merely a band; it's a maelstrom of influences, a sonic amalgam of old-school rock, metal, and hardcore. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of nu-metal, from the rebellious '90s to the electrifying '00s, Hexvoid channels raw emotions and groove-laden intensity. The dichotomy of their double vocals takes you on a rollercoaster ride, oscillating between mellifluous melodies and a torrent of aggressive lyrics.
Their journey, now spanning over a decade, has seen them crisscrossing the labyrinthine landscapes of Japan, setting stages ablaze, and leaving a trail of sonic destruction. They've graced the illustrious metal/rock TV program J:HEAVEN, found themselves in the glossy pages of renowned magazines, and garnered a cult-like following. 2018 witnessed their triumphant invasion of Mexico, followed by a sensational stint in the Wacken Metal Battle Japan finals, culminating in a sonic escapade through Canada.
And guess what, fellow metalheads? The saga continues! September is primed for an onslaught of headbanging madness as Hexvoid embarks on a scorching tour, making pitstops at ten destinations across Mexico and Canada. Brace yourselves for a barrage of intense performances that will forge unforgettable memories.
So, dear metal acolytes, if you find solace in the auditory realms of System Of A Down's unpredictability, the masked mayhem of Slipknot, and the cathartic frenzy of Korn, Hexvoid's brand of wacky, heavy, adrenaline-pumping madness will undoubtedly resonate with your metallic souls.
Unleash the Chaos:
Watch the "You got the garbage, Losers get out." music video here: https://youtu.be/FbJgHHDtDXQ
Dive into the Abyss:
Stream Hexvoid on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3KRRnoA
Dates for Your Metal Diary:
Sept 7: Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico – Gato Calavera
Sept 8: Uriangato-Moroleon, QRO, Mexico - Foro Music Mc Lobo
Sept 9: Ciudad Fernandez, SLP, Mexico – Rock House Bar
Sept 10: Queretaro, QRO, Mexico – Chihuahua’s Bar
Sept 12: St. Catharines, ON Canada – The Warehouse
Sept 13: London, ON, Canada - Richmond Tavern
Sep 14: Hamilton, ON, Canada – The Doors Pub
Sept 15: North Bay, ON Canada – The Highland
Sept 16: Kingston, ON, Canada – Overtime Sports Bar
Sept 17: Vancouver, BC, Canada – The Cobalt

For more electrifying updates and a direct line to the madness, visit: Facebook.com/HEXVOID.official
Hexvoid's uproarious journey is an electrifying reminder that music transcends boundaries, and in the mosh pit, we're all united under the banner of raw, unadulterated sound.