Reboot - "Dans tes mains"

Viimeinen Oodi Vapaudelle - "Rakkauden Alttari"

Zygnema - "Iconic"

Coilguns - "We Missed The Parade"

Chakora - "Fractured Place"

Nattsjäl - “Chaosweaver”

Grant National - “Unprecedented Levels of Violence and Brutality”

Isa Nielsen, Madre Goth and Kebras - “Waiting For The Break of Dawn”

Release the Titans - "Odyssey"

BleedSkin - "Spread Your Venom" from Upcoming Album "Homicidal Therapy"

INNER AXIS - "This is the Way"

Hagalas - "Hope Is A Lie"

Mythraeum - "Oblivion Aeternam"

Steel Road - "Highway Homicide"

Through Mists - "BRANCHES"


Above the Ocean - "Love Song (For the Broken)"

PVRS - "That's Allright"

In for the kill - "Branded To Kill"

Rise of Kronos - “Olympic Warmachine”