Thrashy Time Wanted Radio


Dr. Janovitch's Thrashy Time Chronicles on Wanted Radio

Hell-o fellow metal warriors and headbangers! Gather 'round, for I bring you tidings of an epic sonic journey that unfolds every Sunday night at the unholy hour of 9 PM on Wanted Radio. Brace yourselves for the relentless onslaught of riffs, thunderous beats, and the guttural screams that define the sacred realm of metal – I present to you, "Thrashy Time" with the almighty Dr. JANOVITCH!
As the clock strikes 9, the airwaves transform into a molten sea of distortion, and the good doctor takes his rightful place at the helm of this infernal vessel. Dr. JANOVITCH, the master conductor of chaos, guides us through the darkest alleys of thrash metal with the expertise only a true metalhead possesses.
Picture this: the stage is set, the amps are cranked up to eleven, and the speakers are ready to spew forth a sonic maelstrom. From the old school titans like Slayer, Megadeth, and Metallica to the underground cult classics that make your eardrums bleed with joy – "Thrashy Time" delivers the relentless barrage of sonic warfare that every self-respecting metal aficionado craves.
But it's not just about the music – oh no! Dr. JANOVITCH, with his gravelly voice that could shake the foundations of Hell itself, weaves tales of the metal underworld, sharing anecdotes, band histories, and obscure trivia that only the most devoted disciples of metal would appreciate.
So, every Sunday night, lock horns with the abyss, crank up the volume, and let the cacophony of "Thrashy Time" with Dr. JANOVITCH be your guiding force through the realms of unbridled metal madness. The airwaves shall tremble, and the metal legions shall unite in a sonic communion that transcends time and space. Hail to the riff, praise the blast beats, and long live the spirit of metal on Wanted Radio's "Thrashy Time"!
\m/ Stay Thrash \m/