SilentLie - "Equilibrium" via Rockshots Records

What's New: New Release

Italian melancholic metallers SilentLie bring forth their sophomore full-length "Equilibrium" via Rockshots Records.
Always drawn to the dark side of emotions, SilentLie's "Equilibrium" proceeds along this path. It stands on modern heavy tones and an obscure mood that can be compared to bands like Ghost, Ozzy Osbourne, and The Cure.
Spreading their dark wings, drums, and bass, SilentLie builds a wall of sound on which the guitars dance with tombstone keys while a powerful female voice embraces the listener with gritty, but catchy melodies. Many of the songs on the album, thematically, deal with the eternal struggle between good and evil, with lyrics introspective and personal. There’s a maturity to the music that acts as a pendulum swinging between 80s liquid verses and gloomy, almost doomy, parts.
"This album carries a wide range of emotions. Hold on tight and don't be afraid!" adds the band.
"Equilibrium" is a collection of 10 heavy songs, a journey in the dark without fear. The album was mixed in the USA by Grammy Award winner Dave Hagen at Dark Horse Studios (Evanescence, Alice in Chains, Mastodon). It's not the typical female-fronted album.

For the record's release day, the band is sharing their music video for the album's title track.

"a glorious narration of the precarious balance between good and evil. One of our best songs ever." says the band.
The album is available as today, September 30th via the following links:
Othert Videos:
Music Video - Something To Remember -​
Music Video - On My Skin-​
Track Listing:​
1. Divided - 4:48
2. On My Skin - 3:46
3. Something To Remember 3:24
4. Taste of Solitude - 3:41
5. The One Who Disappears - 4:46
6. Equilibrium - 4:32
7. Hysteria - 3:59
8. Modern Paradox - 4:52
9. The Others - 3:56
10. World Upside Down - 5:30
Album Length - 43:20
SilentLie was formed in Trieste, Italy in 2005. In 2007, they recorded "Behind My Face", a demo that gave the band several opportunities. In 2008, the song "Silence of Your Mind" appeared on two compilations: The Funeral Vol.2 (for the American label 272 Records) and Maximum Rock Attack (for the Magazine Maximum Rock).
In 2009, the song "River Of Torments" was part of the Blood Sisters film soundtrack, from which a video was also extracted. In 2013, the band released the EP Blood Under Snow, a collection of five obscure and atmospheric tracks and in the same year, the video of the single "Regret" was filmed. In 2015, the debut full-length album "Layers Of Nothing" was released by Bakerteam/Scarlet records, later followed by the video of the title track. The album featured dark/gothic influences with some old-fashioned Sabbath riffing. After a hiatus due to personal reasons, SilentLie returned in 2021 to begin work on their second album to be mixed at Dark Horse Studios in the USA by the Grammy Award-winning Dave Hagen. The new material reveals a more modern and focused sound with a blasting production, but SilentLie still holds its identity: deep, heavy, and gritty with a dark outline.