Rocking Corpses - Buried

Leper Laze - Vocals
Tony Decay - Guitar, dirty vocals
Pestilence Pete - Guitar
Maggot Mike - Bass
Tom Bones - Drums
The concept of Rocking Corpses was born in the end of 2007 out of Tony's passion for all things horror, death metal and blues. Some months later Laze got also excited about the idea and joined the project on vocals. After some procrastination, in 2009 two demo songs were recorded and finally in 2011 the first full album "Rock 'n' Rott" was finished and released by Abyss Records in 2012. Both corpses being active in many different bands put the project on back burner since full line-up didn't seem to form organically.
Around 2017 Mike and Pete had their own project called Grit going on and needed a guitarist and a vocalist. Tony and Laze joined and very soon realized that the feel of Grit was very similar with Rocking Corpses. Not long after this it was obvious that the final line-up was finally found with similar minds. Collaboration of writing new songs was only held back by constant Spinal-Tap-level problems with drummers (5 casualties so far). Fortunately after finishing the recording of second album "Death Blues", Tom was found and the Corpses were finally ready for live horror.