Arkayic Revolt - The New Hypocrisy

Tragic Forms - "Arms 'Round The Armistice"

Hunter - Rebel Angels Rise

DodenGod - A Storm In The Emptyness

State of Mind

EXIT – On This Side or the Other

ST. MADNESS - LAST RITES: The Final Blessing

Chris Maragoth - On the Brink of

Sintage - Midnight Evil

The Sign of Ampersand - ReMinder

King Ov Wyrms - “In Aeons We Spoke”

Veuve Scarron - "Deal With It"

Augurium - "Inquisition Of The Possessed"

Avlak - Gremlins

Desert Near The End - "Beyond The Gates" (from Album "The Dawning Of The Son")

Parasitic Entity - Depravities Reflection

Nevermøurn - "The Rite of Truth"

Arshenic - Red

1945 - Heavy Metal is not for sale

Unleashing the Beast: TRUTH to POWER's "Claim Your Freedom" EP