Wildfire - Heart Offender (From EP "Wildfire")


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Wildfire - Heart Offender

Every day is a new day, every day I discover new talents, every day I am amazed by a new sound, every day my favorite artists keep increasing... Stay Metal.
Here is an EP of 4 tracks all as good as each other. An EP which I hope will result one day in an album.
Wildfire were created in 2019 in Athens (Greece) with a vast knowledge in classic metal not only from each member’s participation in previous bands but they also dedicated themselves to what they know best. To play metal. Through their jamming a new material was created which they decided to record and release.
Their sound may remind you of bands such as Savatage, Queensryche, Crimson Glory, where they comfortably switch from American sound to NWOBHM to their tracks.
The pandemic made it difficult to record but now they released on 20th of September 2021 their first EP titled the name of the band.
On 25-9-21 they performed at the 3rd music festival of Lamia with the audience warmly welcoming them. Wildfire’s goal is to get acquainted with the audience through live performances and the media
Wildfire Members:
William Joestar: Vocals
Tolis G Pol: Guitar
Dimitris Varsamis: Guitar
Dimitris Megalios: Bass
Akis Kakavas: Drums