Brotthogg - Ved Skumringens Ytterste Rand


New Release:

Brotthogg - "Epicinium" (Norwegian Melodic Black/Death/Thrash Metal)

Release Date: October 1, 2022

Location: Norway

FFO: Emperor, Old Man`s Child, Dissection

Brotthogg - Ved Skumringens Ytterste Rand

Brotthogg are back with their third full-length album, Epicinium, following the critically acclaimed «Echoes of the Past» (2019) and «The Die is Cast» (2020). With this new album Brotthogg again presents a dynamic display of deathly blackened and thrashing extremity filled with dark and gloomy melodies.
«As always we try to provide a personal approach towards the fine attributes extreme metal has to offer. Our focus is to create something brutal and aggressive, but also melodic and progressive, all interspersed with the freezing cold layers of black metal. Whether you call it back metal, death metal or even thrash metal, we hope we have created an intriguing release well worth exploring».
Brotthogg deals in Melodic Black/Death/Thrash Metal that owes its allegiance to bands like Emperor’, Old Man's Child, Symphony X and Dissection. The members are known from bands like Subliritum and Chton.
Kristian Larsen Moen - All instruments, music and lyrics
Jonas Moen - Vocals
Craig Furunes - Vocals
Stephen Carlson - All guitar solos

Check out some reviews of Brotthogg previous album "The Die is Cast": «Masterpiece» 10 out of 10. 7.5 out of 10
Scream Magazine: 5 out of 6
«One hell of a fantastic album of deathly blackened, thrashing extremity».
«Brotthogg are for sure the most promising newcomers in Norway. Go and check it out.»
«In the case of Brotthogg, we are in the master class of the dark arts.»
«This is the good stuff»
"If you like blackened DM this is a must!!!"
«Brotthogg are so heavy and steamrollering, that country compatriots DARKTHRONE do the polka»
«... they really stand out against other bands. If they will continue this way, I think it just a matter of quite short time to see Brotthogg between other titans of Blackened Death.»