Elusion - Science-Fiction (From Album "The Fundamental Paradox")


Upcoming Release:

Melodic metal band ELUSION will be releasing their second album "The Fundamental Paradox" on the 13th of January ’23. The song “Science|Fiction” is the first single and features all that defines Elusion: catchy melodies, pounding riffs and mesmerizing vocals.

Elusion was founded by musical centipede Domingo Smets (ex-ANCIENT RITES, ex-AGATHOCLES). The band is completed by Evy Verbruggen on vocals and Frederik Van Mieghem on drums.
Evy Verbruggen comments:
“The song deals with the duality of the concept of science fiction. Where both words may seem opposites, it is often so that fiction preceeds science. The fantastic things we can come up with in fiction, challenge the scientific world to explore this concept so this fantasy can become the new reality.“
Recorded and mixed at The Rock Studio by Domingo Smets.
Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios.
Evy Verbruggen – vocals
Domingo Smets – guitar
Frederik Van Mieghem – drums