Iron Kingdom - Sheathe The Sword (From Album "The Blood Of Creation")


What's New: New Album “The Blood Of Creation” Out Now!

Canada's IRON KINGDOM’s New Video “Sheathe The Sword” Is A Shreddy Tale of A Warrior's Last Chance At Victory


Iron Kingdom - Sheathe The Sword (the video features clips from the band's sold-out album launch show held in Vancouver on November 4th at Wise Hall)​

Canada's Iron Kingdom presents its new lyric video for its latest single “Sheathe The Sword”,which draws inspiration from the fantasy series “Wheel of Time”. For years now, Iron Kingdom has been gracing the world with its traditional heavy metal, weaving grand stories and teleporting listeners to far-off lands. This latest single refers to a sword move in which you willingly accept your opponent’s sword into your body in order to inflict a killing blow. The band comments on the single:
“We were looking to do something pretty fast and driving, and once we had the ideas for the first couple of riffs we knew it had to be about Lan Mandoragon - the uncrowned king of a lost and scattered kingdom and is highly respected by neighbouring kingdoms who recognize him as the battle lord of the borderlands. Musically this song is a speedy, driving power metal tune in the vein of early Hammerfall. “Sheathe The Sword” is a warrior's last chance at victory, but that victory comes with a heavy cost.”
Iron Kingdom recently unveiled their album “The Blood Of Creation” at the beginning of this November. Their fifth full-length contains eight impressive tracks running over three-quarters of an hour of classic heavy metal, windswept solos, memorable riffs, and piercing vocals conveying powerful stories. This new album saw a lot more musical content coming from lead guitarist Megan Merrick, and having Max Friesen on drums saw lots more ideas from yet another angle. Iron Kingdom continues to rework and evolve its sound and layers of professionalism can be heard throughout. This album is quite dark topically, the lyrics speak of war, fear, sacrifice, and pain, and the music although very classical and explorative also has some very evil moments throughout. The band, like so many others, was in a dark place due to the pandemic and the music reflects some of those emotions.
“The Blood Of Creation” was completely self-produced, written, and recorded. The album was sent out for mixing (Andy Boldt) and mastering (Greg Reely), but they handled everything else. vocalist/guitarist Chris Osterman engineered the record with some help from the band and some friends (Dan Yakimow, Jeff Black).
In the beginning, Iron Kingdom set out to create a sound paying homage to how things used to be in the 70s and 80s. They put on a big and energetic show, a show that brings you back to 1984, but in all the best ways. They are recommended for fans of Helloween, Judas Priest, and Queensrÿche.
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Queen of The Crystal Throne -​
Fun Fact: 'Queen Of The Crystal Throne' played on City TV for Hockey Night In Canada (Montreal Vs Dallas) - Sat Oct 22, 2022.
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Track Listing:​
1. Tides Of Desolation – 1:13
2. Sheathe The Sword – 5:25
3. Queen Of The Crystal Throne – 4:58
4. Hunter And Prey – 5:25
5. Witching Hour – 5:44
6. In The Grip Of Nightmares – 5:23
7. Primordial – 1:40
8. The Blood Of Creation – 13:38
Total Running Length: 43:29
"Loads of riffs and melodies some excellent lead breaks and pounding rhythms. This is bonafide, foot on the monitor, fist pumping, horn throwing real metal. I have never heard Iron Kingdom before but on the strength of this I will be obtaining the back catalogue very soon." - My Global Mind (The Blood of Creation)
"With The Blood Of Creation, Iron Kingdom have forged a masterpiece that brings tears of joy to the eyes of every traditional metalhead. There is only high-quality material and everyone is encouraged to include this album in their choice of this year's Top10. " - Soundmagnet​
​"Iron Kingdom brings another solid heavy metal album with the fifth album 'The Blood of Creation'. Slightly progressive, but especially heavy... Give the band a listen, you will be surprised!" - Metal Experience​
"This is a solid album of heavy metal delivered in the style that is true to the cause and therefore, what the listener gets here with ‘The Blood of Creation’, is an album which mounts its steeds and charges forward in a cavalry strike as galloping riffage and rhythms never give the listener the chance to let up with tracks such as ‘Queen of the Crystal Throne’, ‘In the Grip of Nightmares’ and ‘Witching Hour’ having some very impressive twin guitar lines. This would impress any fan of Iron Maiden, Riot V and Iced Earth, but also sticks within the remit of trad metal with bands such as Katana, Skelator and Toledo Steel." - Metal Digest​
​"Anyone who likes beautiful and playful melodies, extensive guitar solos, detailed arrangements and double lead guitars will be well served with "The Blood Of Creation"." -​
​"Iron Kingdom created an iron-bound, battle-hardened piece of traditional Heavy Metal that truly made me want to turn the clock back to those long-gone days of glory. Times when metal was just that, the pure joy of a style that was still new, exciting, and powerful. Or to let the band speak in their own words, they “…decided to play metal the way it used to be played in the 70s and 80s.” Well, mission fucking accomplished. Well done, guys." - Rock Music Raider​