Sinnery - "Below the Summit"

Rockin' Engine - "Carnival of Evil"

Augurium - "Unearthly Will"

King Ov Wyrms - “In Aeons We Spoke”

Augurium - "Inquisition Of The Possessed"

DRAGONHEART - The Devil Is By My Side

Triskelyon - "Artificial Insanity"

Red Cain - Fisher King

Stygian Fair - "Aradia"

TakaLaiton - "Get What You Asked For"

Triskelyon - Downfall

Orchid's Curse - "The Decay"

TakaLaiton - Backstab Society

Narcotic Wasteland

Red Cain - NÄE'BLISS

Ethereal Void - Seeds of Hatred

KRASHKARMA - Falling To Pieces

Medevil - Among Thieves

Call Of The Siren - Hollow

Whythre - Scorpions of Sinai