Jackson Colt - Strangers

Immortal Guardian - Roots Run Deep (feat. Ralf Scheepers)

Narcotic Wasteland

Kilmore - Firestone

Shores Of Null - Destination Woe

Jupiter Hollow - Distant Shadow

Despite The Reverence - Killing Plebs

Haiduk – Sea of Fire

Nomad - Choke

HOG MEETS FROG – apes don't smoke cigars - just pipes

Lunar - "Juggling Chainsaws"

Burn The Evidence - Bad Influences

Korrosive - "Toxic Apokalypse"

Opus Arise - Inner Skepticism (From Album "The Network")

Korrosive​ - Fatal Strike (From Album "Toxic Apokalypse")

Iron Kingdom - Sheathe The Sword (From Album "The Blood Of Creation")