The NEW Bardots - "Corporation Business Man" (From EP "Singles Night")


New Release: A little jump in the past, with The NEW Bardots

The NEW Bardots - Singles Night
Label: Bongo Boy Records
Release Date: 01-11-2022
Format: Digital
Genre: rock and roll
Country: United States
For fans of Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Queen, The Beatles
Audio recorded At Sky Lab Studios Roosevelt N.J.
Recorded, engineered by Dan Skye
Produced and Mixed by Dan Skye, Gar Francis and Wayne Olivieri

The NEW Bardots - "Corporation Business Man"

Corporation Businessman
In The Year 2525(Radio Mix)
On Our Own
Just Another Dance In The City
Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Why Don.t We Do It In The Road
In The Year 2525 (Long Version)
John Croot: Keyboards
John Rago: Drums/percussion
Dan Skye: Bass/Vocals
Gar Francis: Guitar/Vocals
Wayne Olivieri: Lead Vocals/Harmonica/Percussion
Singles Night …
The new EP From International Recording artists
The NEW Bardots
“Singles Night” is a collection of single tracks released over the past year from New Jersey Rockers The NEW Bardots.
Each track has had airplay both in the USA and Internationally but was not included on any EP or LP by the band.
“We decided to put out a collection of our single releases from the past year on one EP along with 2 bonus tracks ….A shortened Radio remix of 2525 (the original was over 5 minutes long)and a new track Corporation Businessman” “said lead vocalist Wayne O.
From the hard driving rocker “Just Another Dance In The City” to the power punk pop of “Put a Little Love In Your Heart” and the brand new track “Corporation Businessman” …..this collection will not disappoint.
Keeping Rock and Roll from extinction….The NEW Bardots “ Singles Night” is an all-natural Rock and Roll energy booster with no artificial ingredients or caffeine added!!!