Lethal Technology - "Mechanical Era"


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As announced a few weeks ago, about 10 years after a first EP released under the name Seventh Wave, the Swiss death/thrash/indus-metal quartet "Lethal Technology" gave birth to their first album "Mechanical Era" and available on CD and Digital via Bandcamp.


For fans of Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend, Dying Fetus...

Founded in Collombey in Valais, Switzerland in March 2011 by guitarist Cedric Ferret under the moniker of Seventh Wave, the band released a first EP called 'Programmed World' in May 2012 which will allow the band to play as an opening act for bands like Dagoba and to perform in France and Belgium.
In April 2017 the band splitted up but in July of the same year the bassist Julien Dulex joined Cedric Ferret to continue the adventure but this time under the name of Lethal Technology.
The two musicians worked on the composition of several tracks and chosed to program the synthesizer and drum tracks. Then LT has been joined be joined in February 2019 by the guttural singer Jade Hänni who quickly started laying down her first vocal lines.
After a few months of research, the Valaisan combo incorporated to its line-up the lyrical singer Sofiane Thoulon who comes from the world of classical and opera so as much to say that the contrast is quite clear. Then, it is Xavier Boscher, former guitarist of the band Misanthrope, who took the position of solo guitarist to participate in the first album.
From then on, the musicians started a huge production work in order to release their first album in the fall of 2022.
Cédric Ferret : Guitar, Drums and Keyboards programming
Julien Dulex : Bass and Keyboards programming
Sofiane Thoulon : Lyric Vocal
Jade Hänni : Guttural Vocal
Xavier Boscher : Lead Guitar