Maze of Terror - Angels of Acid

This track is extracted from the album "Offer to the Fucking Beasts" of the Peruvian Thrash/ Death Metallers MAZE OF TERROR.
"Offer to the Fucking Beasts" was released on August 26, 2021 via XTREEM MUSIC on CD and digital formats.
MAZE OF TERROR was born in 2011 with the aim of creating a raw and devastating Thrash/ Death Metal and released their 1st EP "Skullcrusher" in 2012, followed by a split CD with AMKEN in 2015 and then their debut full-length album "Ready to Kill" in 2016. Later in 2017, another split CD came out, this time with WITCHAVEN and in 2018 the band self-released a digital-only EP entitled "Evoked Black Souls", just when the band got signed with Xtreem Music. Following this, the band released a demo in 2019 and a split album with WOLFSTORM in February 2021.
"Offer to the Fucking Beasts" have 10 songs of an intense, savage and catchy Thrash/ Death influenced by bands like INFERNÄL MÄJESTY, MERCILESS, MASSACRA, PROTECTOR, DEMOLITION HAMMER, SARCÓFAGO.
Cover art has been created by US artist Karl Dahmer.
01. Priest of the Ancient Ones
02. Blessed by Sickness and Death
03. Angels of Acid
04. Blood Horror Cult
05. Death by Fire
06. A Millions Kills
07. Destroy and Control
08. Starbeast
09. No Requien for the Unborn
10. Shub Niggurath Awakes