Burn The Evidence - Bad Influences


What's New:

Ottawa's Burn The Evidence has released their debut single "Bad Influences" with a lyric video. It is one of several tracks planned to be released in 2023. The band is made up of former members of local band Greta Knights and current members of Fractures and Outlines, and is well-versed in the Canadian metal scene. The idea for Burn The Evidence has been in the mind of vocalist/lyricist Rémi Arsenault for a long time and has finally come to fruition.
"It’s been in my head since 2021, a band that brings investigation and mysteries with brutal breakdowns and heavy riffs. I’m a big fan of everything that’s related to crime scene investigation and its scientific evolution throughout the years. I think psychopaths who do fucked up shit are glorified… I don’t like this... I want to glorify the investigators who give those bad guys what they really deserve! So many stories and content we can work with it’s incredible! We want to elaborate cool stories in our music, where we are the investigators who gonna catch those bad guys! All fiction for now, but we have the intention to glorify a couple of amazing real-life investigators solving real-life mysteries."
"Bad Influences" is set to be a captivating and suspenseful track with a heavy structure, it is a exciting time for Burn The Evidence as they look forward to new fans hearing what they have created, as well as for fans familiar with their previous work.
"This is just the stepping stone, we want people to walk this path with us and listen closely to the story behind the music. And of course... when we hit the stage... we want people at the front moving their heads and jumping everywhere. It’s gonna be the start of a great chronicle." adds Arsenault.
"Bad Influences" is one of several tracks that have already been recorded and will be revealed. It is a mix of bouncy riffs, jumping breakdowns, and a melodic chorus that will tease listeners for what's to come next. Burn The Evidence will be providing a constant stream of content this year, with innovative genre-blending and storytelling to keep fans headbanging. Expect a variety of vocal styles, from clean vocals to high-pitched screams to cult prayers, and a regular flow of new music.
"With this new band, we are trying to build not only songs, but build a connection with the listener that's going to merge them into the stories of each track. For example, in a police chase, you might find a faster power riff, or during the announcement of a death to a family, it would be softer and more emotional you know. For this first single, we are trying to demonstrate the realization of bad choices and bad things that are led by a mix of internal bad influences and psychotic problems, it’s a song that will make you jump, it’s gonna make you fight the invisible ninja, and at the end wanting more."​
A cross between metalcore and nu-metal, Burn The Evidence is recommended for fans of Ice Nine Kills, Of Mice and Men, Bring Me the Horizon, and I Prevail.
Band Lineup:
Vocals: Rémi Arsenault
Guitar : Eric Desormeaux
Guitar : Maxime Rondeau
Bass: Dominik Roy
Drums: Emmanuel Jean