Eric Wagner - In the Lonely Light of Mourning


So as not to forget.

This album is a tribute to Eric Wagner (died in August 2021).
The planning for this album began in 2017 and was completed just a few weeks before Eric's passing in August 2021. Eric collaborated with Trouble drummer Dave Snyder to compose the material for this album over a span of 4 years.
All songs are very catchy and feature excellent arrangements. The opener ‘Rest In Peace’ immediately sets, and in an excellent way, the tone for what this album has to offer.
With catchy vocal lines and a lot of melody, it's 37 minutes of enjoyment. The production is crystal clear and emphasizes the tight riffs that David Snyder and Chuck Robinson prove to be also gifted guitarists.
A slow doom metal album that, while not surprising, is built on solid foundations. Note the title "If You Lost It All" includes a cello part that will undoubtedly surprise you.
As a farewell, Eric gives us one more opportunity to fully enjoy all of his talent in the form of 8 excellent compositions and we will not forget him soon in this way. A top album and a must for any serious music lover.
Eric Wagner - In the Lonely Light of Mourning