Fall Of Stasis - The Chronophagist (feat. Viky Boyer)

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Montreal's FALL OF STASIS Unleash Video “The Chronophagist” ft. Viky Boyer (The Monster Factory, Ariel)

Make yourself comfortable, with a good drink in hand, and listen to this track \m/

Inching close to the one-year anniversary release of their debut album "The Chronophagist", Montreal's Fall of Stasis is sharing with fans a new music video for the record's closing title track featuring guest vocals from Viky Boyer (Voice actor for The Monster Factory, Ariel).
"This is the final song off the album and it tells the story of a deity who has the power to steal time from mortal beings. The song starts off with a slightly modified version of Wilted Forests’ intro, followed by a heavy riff and an epic, vocally-charged chorus. The last chorus is cut short by an eclectic and odd-timed trashy riff followed by a black metal section. The song ends with an epic riff and a fading soaring guitar solo." adds the band.
Unleashed on February 25, 2022, Fall of Stasis' “The Chronophagist” was produced by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and garnered much praise from metal media and built a strong local following that lead them to open for Avatar and Light The Torch during July 2022. With a wide arrangement of influences, a high level of precision, and dedication, the band prides itself on creating relentless, fast, aggressive yet melodic, and symphonic opus'. Ranging from black to symphonic metal, plus folk interludes, along with proggy riffs, the band intertwines a brutal yet unpredictable melodic composition that unapologetically grabs the listener’s attention from start to finish.
“We wanted our first album to bring something fresh to the metal scene. Each song was carefully written and fine-tuned to maintain the listener’s attention. We wanted the album to showcase every member’s musical influences without compromising the quality of our music. Overall, each song blends well into the next one, yet they’re different enough to keep the listener involved for the duration of the album. We asked Christian Donaldson to record, mix and master our album since he’s easily one of the most respected and recognized metal producers in the province. Again, we didn’t want to cut corners and we made sure to partner with someone who would do justice to our music. Lyrically, the album showcases fictive storytelling from beginning to end, although the lyrics often symbolize modern social issues along with some of the band members’ personal experiences.” adds the band.
Symphonic and unpredictable with a little bit of something for everyone, Fall of Stasis is recommended for fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, Unexpect, and Ne Obliviscaris.
“The Chronophagist” can be heard on all digital platforms at the following link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/fallofstasis/the-chronophagist​
Track Listing:​
1. Wilted Forests (3:14)
2. Fall of Stasis (6:52)
3. Drunken Howl (4:08)
4. Baal Arise (2:01)
5. The Cult (2:54)
6. Twilight Carnival (5:41)
7. Baron (6:19)
8. The Last Waltz (4:49)
9. Swarm Of Casualties (6:40)
10. The Chronophagist (Feat. Viky Boyer) (6:5)
Album Length: 49:31
Album Band Line Up:​
Jessica Dupré – Lead singer
Gabriel Bernier – Lead guitar/back vocals
Tristan Bergeron-Boucher – Rhythm guitar
Mathieu Groulx – Bass
Sergei Lecours – Drums
Mélissa Bissonnette – Keyboard

Live Band Line Up:​
Jessica Dupré – Lead singer
Gabriel Bernier – Lead guitar/back vocals
Tristan Bergeron-Boucher – Rhythm guitar
Mathieu Groulx – Bass
Sergei Lecours – Drums
Mélissa Bissonnette – Keyboard
Viky Boyer – Feature vocalist
Fall Of Stasis, based in Montreal, Canada, was originally formed in 2014 with the intention of creating original music that couldn’t be defined by a specific genre. They started off with a very eclectic and progressive style, and as time went on, it was toned down in favour of musical cohesion and they added symphonic arrangements.
In 2017, the band released their demo and will be following it up in 2022 with the full-length “The Chronophagist”, which maneuvers closer to black metal but with definitive prog-heavy stylings. Working together on everything, there isn’t a single song where the creative input from a band member has not been blended into the mix. Fall of Stasis firmly believes that creative collaboration is one of their main strengths.
The current lineup of Fall of Stasis consists of Jessica Dupré (vocals), Gabriel Bernier (lead guitar/backing vocals), Tristan Bergeron-Boucher (rhythm guitar), Mathieu Groulx (bass), Sergei Lecours (drums) and Mélissa Bissonnette (keyboard). Each of the musicians brings a wide array of influences which results in a distinct sound, which caters to folk, black, progressive and death metal fans alike, but also to the uninitiated, thanks to their original and catchy melodies.
Symphonic yet brutal and often unpredictable, they present a mix of very powerful growls and clean vocals, along with good stage presence, efficient crowd work and tight musicianship. They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many notable local and international bands such as The Agonist, Wolfheart and Beyond Creation.

“Musically the song (Baal Arise) is a brutal one that flies like a bat, discharging obliterating drum munitions, flurries of technically adept guitar work that generate sensations of jolting punishment, frenzied madness, and swirling exoticism. But it’s also overlaid with a symphonic layer that lends an air of menacing grandeur, as well as dancing keyboards that channel ebullience. The vocals combine voracious growls and vicious snarls — until they surprisingly change into singing in the song’s high-flying chorus.” – No Clean Singing
“There hasn’t been enough epic metal this week, so here’s the debut of Fall Of Stasis. There’s a lot going on with this band. You’re getting stuff that sounds like Abigail Williams, Cradle of Filth, Bleeding Through, and The Black Dahlia Murder. Then there is a light folk through-line as well. This band has just started, but I’m already excited for their future. ” – Metal Injection
“Drenched in a deluge of nuances, FALL OF STASIS are a truly genre-defying collective, ensuring the beating heart of this album is the band’s individualism and sincerity to their unique concepts and unflinching exploration of sound. “The Chronophagist” is enriched in an ingenious blend of diverse soundscapes, creating a captivating listen from beginning to end and a journey you wish could last a lifetime.” – Female Fronted Power
“The Chronophagist is a fascinating piece. One that will pull you forward with an unholy hunger for more.” – Rock Music Raider
​“the first 10/10 of 2022 to these Canadian madmen and women for an album that is contemporary yet brings back memories of when Metal was at the height of its powers, and yet slays with as much ease as a tactical nuclear weapon.” – Ever Metal
“Overall, this album is unlike any other debut out there. It puts absolute chaos on the line and ensures each band member’s unique taste and abilities are available in full force. Take a listen and hear for yourself how this eccentric album puts forth one hell of a dynamic unmatched by any other.” – Metal Goddesses
“Fall Of Stasis complete a successful display of force on their debut, one which benefits massively from Christian Donaldson’s supportive production and mix. More of a name to be treasured by those attracted to innovation within the modern paradigm than those actually seeking outright novelty, The Chronophagist nonetheless ought to steal a fair bit of your time, as the title accurately promises.” – Metal Observer
“The moment I heard the first song I knew I was going to like this album as it sounded like something that you’d hear in the opening credits of a horror movie. After listening to the rest of this album I can easily say that this was one of the best albums that I’ve heard in a while – everything sounds so fresh and familiar and just super epic! Like the lyrics paint epic pictures of folk horror happenings and that was only helped by the neo-classical/folk-inspired melodies. Overall, it reminds me of the Scandinavian extreme metal albums of the late 90s coming from bands like Dimmu Borgir, and the early albums of Children of Bodom and Nightwish. I absolutely love this album and Fall of Stasis have most definitely gained themselves a new fan.” – Andrew Nasso – CFRU 93.3FM (Guelph, ON)
“Symphonic, brutal, unpredictable and loud they’ve made a melting pot of extremes only fitting for a Sith witch to stir creating bubbling brutality. So far they’ve played stages with The Agonist, Wolfheart and Beyond Creation among others.” – Covering The Scene
“The Chronophagist is restless and relentless, a bold and ambitious creative firestorm of an album that defies normal description, it will simultaneously freak you out and entertain with enthusiasm, it’s a rollercoaster high-speed assault with scant regard for weak-minded sensibilities. It may not settle for long but is an excellent gateway into their world of musical mayhem.” – Metal Roos
“With their frantic sound and otherworldly, playful yet dark ambiances, Fall Of Stasis is ready to drag you into a world where madness reigns.” – Maxime Pagé, Thorium Mag
“Ils y ont mis de l’attention, du temps, de l’imagination et de l’amour, ça c’est certain. Il est clair qu’il y a six cerveaux qui y participent, appartenant hors de tout doute à de brillants musiciens. Fall of Stasis, c’était un plaisir de vous écouter et on en veut encore! 9/10” – Ondes Chocs
“En conclusion, si vous aimez le mélange des genres musicaux, et que vous cherchez des artistes talentueux qui vont vous surprendre avec une musique de qualité qui sort du commun, vous allez trouver votre bonheur avec Fall of Stasis. Pour ma part, ce fut une découverte incroyable.” – Metal Alliance Mag
“C’est extrêmement rafraîchissant d’écouter une oeuvre qui est composée en groupe, avec tous les membres qui contribuent et donnent leurs avis. Rares sont les albums offrant une telle liberté d’expression. Si vous voulez vivre une écoute déstabilisante, où chaque piste est une expérience unique, n’hésitez pas! As-tu quelques minutes? Écoute ça!” – Ars Media QC