Instorm - Psycho Violence


What's New:

The band Instorm released their third album "Psycho Violence" on December 9, 2022 via Metal Carnival Records. They continue to explore the Neoclassical Melodic Death Metal genre, but also adds new nuances to their sound. The main theme of the album is emotional and mental violence.

Music and lyrics by Roman Nemtsev, Marina Nemtseva
Recorded at Tremors Sound Studio
Mixing and mastering by Roman Nemtsev at Tremors Sound Studio
Arrangements by Roman Nemtsev and Marina Nemtseva
Cover artwork by Marina Nemtseva
1. Psycho Violence (music: R. Nemtsev / M. Nemtseva; lyrics: R. Nemtsev)
2. Time Reaper (music and lyrics: R. Nemtsev)
3. Senseless Dominion (music and lyrics: M. Nemtseva / R. Nemtsev)
4. The Call (music and lyrics: M. Nemtseva)
5. In Time (music: R. Nemtsev/M. Nemtseva; lyrics: M. Nemtseva)
6. The Smoldering Agony (music: R. Nemtsev/M. Nemtseva; lyrics: M. Nemtseva)
7. Wings for Eternity (music and lyrics: R. Nemtsev)
8. Bloody Touch (music: M. Nemtseva; lyrics: R. Nemtsev)
9. Tears of Winters (music and lyrics: M. Nemtseva)
10. Black & White (music: R. Nemtsev)
Roman Nemtsev - guitar, vocals
Marina Nemtseva - guitar; vocals on The Call (04) and Tears of Winters (09)
Michail Tatarinov - bass
Poli Archangelskaia - drums