Lunar - "Juggling Chainsaws"


Upcoming Release: Lunar - "The Illusionist"

Lunar is a progressive metal band from Sacramento, USA, formed in 2013 by Alex Bosson (drums/percussion) and Ryan Erwin (guitar/vocals). After Erwin's unexpected death in 2018, Bosson continued with friends from other bands to release their fourth album "The Illusionist". The album is expected to be the band's best, with strong songwriting and production, and a diverse range of songs that remain cohesive. The album's lead single "Juggling Chainsaws" features Christian Münzner from Obscura.

Lunar - "Juggling Chainsaws"

Bosson explains:
“We want to come out of the gate swinging with this one. This is likely the most chaotic, most technical and heaviest song we’ve ever done in a lot of ways. There’s more musical complexity, including an incredible guest guitar solo from Christian Münzner. Lyrically, it conveys the character’s feeling of completely losing control. Constantly trying to juggle the chainsaws of life and keep them all in the air without something terrible happening.”
The album "The Illusionist" by Lunar is a progressive metal concept album that tells the story of a magician questioning his life's work. With influences from Dream Theater and Haken, the album goes through various emotions as the character goes through a journey of self-discovery.
The 9-track album features the single "Juggling Chainsaws" ft. Obscura's Christian Münzner and is recommended for fans of Opeth, Katatonia, and Haken.
The album will be released on March 3, 2023 via Saibot Reign Records and can be pre-ordered on their Bandcamp page:

Track Listing:​
1. Prestidigitation - 6:16
2. The Illusionist - 10:04
3. Showtime - 3:45
4. Worship The Sun - 5:23
5. Turn Off The World - 7:14
6. Disassembled - 5:53
7. Juggling Chainsaws - 7:30
8. For My Next Trick - 3:57
9 . Now You See Me - 8:39
Album Length: 58:46
​Album Credits:​
- Album Produced by: Alex Bosson
- Album Mixed by: Linus Coreliusson
- Album Mastered by: Jens Bogren
- Album artwork by: Travis Smith
- Album layout / design by: Brian Lewis
- Member of ASCAP
​Recording Lineup:​
Drums & Percussion – Alex Bosson
(Music - Track 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8,9) (Lyrics - Track 2, 3, 5, 6,9)
Guitars – Balmore Lemus
(Music - Track 4) (Lyrics - Track 4, 7
Bass – Ryan Price (Music - Track 😎
Keyboards & Synthesizers – Alex Nasla
Lead Vocals – Chandler Mogel
Growl Vocals – Brian Lewis
Clarinet – Gleb Kanasevich (Track 1)
Saxophone – Patrick Corona (Track 2)
Flute & Saxophone – Jørgen Munkeby (Track 6)
Violin & Viola – Ben Karas (Track 9)
Additional Guitar Solo – Andy Gillion (Track 2)
Additional Guitar Solo – Taylor Washington (Track 3)
Additional Guitar Solo – Sam Vallen (Track 5)
Additional Guitar Solo – Christian Münzner (Track 7)
“This is a record that everyone must own. Every generation and every country should adore an album like this, as one like Theogony rarely makes itself known. If you like music and consider it art, this is a must.” - Prog-Sphere on “Theogony” #23 Best Albums of 2017
“The sophomore album from this Cali band is showing the band expanding their horizons in sound. The heavy parts are heavier, the lighter parts are even lighter and the proggier parts are even more insanely proggy *plus on the song, Surrender, there is a very cool nod to the final lasting riff in Opeth's Deliverance to close out the track...don't think I didn't catch that!* With all of the guest appearances, fantastic production and just masterful songwriting, this is one of the strongest prog albums you will hear all year. Trust me!” – Heavy Debriefings on “Eidolon” #39 Best Albums of 2019
“Inspired by a tragedy that befell the project in the way of losing guitarist Ryan Erwin, drummer and songwriter Alex Bosson has put his emotions towards honing a release that is as beautiful as angry. Helping him in his vision are guest contributions from members of Haken, Leprous, Thank You Scientist, Fallujah, etc.” – Prog-Sphere on “Eidolon” #19 Best Albums of 2019
“The word “classic” gets tossed around a lot, but I honestly can’t think of a better word for Eidolon. From front to back and top to bottom, this album is both firmly rooted in death metal with a progressive bend while standing alone atop the mountain. It’s equally headbanging heavy and enthralling, music to get in the mosh pit and simply sit in awe of. This is required listening because there’s nothing else quite like it.” – Progarchy on “Eidolon”
“Like Theogony, Eidolon is another very impressive showcase of modern progressive metal. It’s technical, emotional, melodic, and aggressive and is just very well put-together overall.”