Perfect View - Bushido


Upcoming Release:

The band Perfect View announced the release of their new album "Bushido (The Way of The Warrior)" on April 28, 2023 via Lions Pride Music. The album is a rock opera which tells the story of a Japanese boy with a disability who becomes a great samurai like his grandfather.

The band said, "It is undoubtedly the album that took us the most effort, both for the lyrics and the music and arrangements. We wanted to pay homage to a fascinating country and culture."


Perfect View - Bushido (Sampler / 28 April 2023)

Perfect View line up:
Francesco “Joe” Cataldo: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Frank Paulis: Bass & Backing Vocals
Davide “Dave” Lugli: Drums
Alberto Bettini: Keyboards
Damiano Libianchi: Lead & Backing Vocals